Neville Colvin

nopicture02NEVILLE COLVIN (1918-1991) was a distinguished cartoonist for Evening Post for a decade after 1946. Later he worked for News Chronicle, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express and Evening Standard.


In an interview with Peter Dakin Peter O´Donnell stated: "Certainly both Burns and Colvin strove for Jim Holdaways style and technique, and in my view Neville Colvin has achieved it. Probably hes as close as anyone could get." (cat yronwode in: First American Edition Series No. 5, Ken Pierce Books 1987)


Unfortunately I mainly know Neville Colvin from the First American Edition Series of reprints by Ken Pierce Books, where five panels are squeezed on a 10 x 7 inch page. I always suspected the down-scaling was responsible for Modesty looking so dumb in some panels. But then I saw a reprint of Dossier on Pluto, also by Neville Colvin, in Rick Norwood´s Modesty Blaise Quarterly ... well, Neville Colvin just is not my favorite Modesty Blaise artist. (BBTurpin)